The University of Kindness™
We are The Kindness Revolution™, a sixteen year old national non-profit organization with a mission to raise the awareness of values, such as kindness, in leadership, customer service, schools, and communities. As an important part of our mission, we have established a "one stop" library of courses to assist in the teachings of these behaviors.  From sales and business management to personal development, this is where to go to learn how to create a culture of kindness in your home, classroom, or organization.  

Welcome to The University of Kindness™! 

Enjoy your first course on us! Click on the image above and we'll create your library and stock it with our complimentary ten-lesson Course on Gratitude. Each lesson consists of one 2-3 minute video to be viewed at your convenience and designed to assist on your personal or professional quest towards a culture of kindness! 

"Commit yourself to performing one new act of exceptional customer service every day.  Induce your colleagues to do the same.  Over the course of a year, in a 100 person organization, this will result in 20,000 new acts of kindness...and such is the stuff of revolutions."  Tom Peters

From the best selling book, The Kindness Revolution, by Ed Horrell

To learn more about how to incorporate The Kindness Revolution into your business, non-profit, youth group or classroom, or to learn about about our affiliate programs, drop us a note here.